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In order to complete our offer, we have added 12 g Kayser bombs to the range of products for CO2 guns. (These vials are not refillable).



Great race of Barca Jeřábková

Barča Jeřábková

Barbora Jeřábková, a member of our SSK Slatina Brno, gave an excellent performance at the VC StČK in Poděbrady last weekend. She won in the 60 lying in the common category with an incredible score of 635,1 points, when she scored 60 center tens. She achieved this result with the Czech-made gun TAU BRNO CZ, s.r.o. model MK300 MATCH designed by Ing. Miroslav Kachlir. However, this is not an isolated result of these air rifles, as also shooters of SSK Věžky, who use these air rifles, achieve excellent results. Barča, under the guidance of her coach Pavel Pláňek, achieved a performance that is a reward for their commitment both in training and in competitions. And since she also won the VzPu 30 prone competition with 314.8 (28 centres), she deservedly took two trophies for the winners.                                                                                                                     

However, our other athletes also did well and Katka Pokorná brought two cups for second and third place in the same category. Another cup was added by Vasek Skala for 3rd place in the VzPu 30 under 14 category. Maja Opluštilová also achieved a very nice result, when she set a personal best in the discipline VzPu 60 Ž, J-ky with 619pts. 

Congratulations to all for excellent performances.

Hlaváček Stanislav President of SSK Slatina Brno 17. 2. 2020 



World HFT Championships 2018 Choltice

On 4-5. August 2018, the HFT World Championship took place in the Choltice Chateau Complex. The event was organized by the Czech Airgun Field Target Association (CAFTA) under the auspices of the World Hunter Field Target Organization (WHFTO). They competed in the Open, Ladies, Springer, Junior, Veteran and Team categories.

Miroslav Trudic took part in the veterans category, which shot in the flood of foreign rifles from the gun of our production, the MK 300 Sniper. He scored a total of 142 points out of 160 for a great second, with only two points behind the first.
The third place in the same category ended with a Czech rider with a shot of 136 points. The absolute best result was achieved by Polish shooter Jacek Kostowski with a shot of 151 points. Congratulations!


Championship of the Czech Republic in HFT 2018

On 30.6. - 1.7. In 2018, the Czech Republic Championship in HFT took place in Lipová. The event was organized by the Czech Airgun Field Target Association (CAFTA). The championship consisted of two races on two tracks, the total number of points determined by the winner. Five categories were listed: Junior, Springer, Ladies, Veteran and Open.
In the category of Veteran, Miroslav Trudic was placed first, with the weapon of our production, the MK 300 Sniper. Congratulations!


Excerpt from e-mail from Mr. Jiří Michalčák dated 24.12.2017

Hello Mr. Kachlíř,
A month ago, I buy your PCP pistol MK 8. In the attachment I send a target that I shot the very next day I took it from you. I would like to thank you for such a wonderful weapon as well as for your advices. Many of them where completely new for me. I've only been shooting (smallbore rifle) since April and I've got your own air rifle. I was only 4 races, but the results go up quickly. I'm currently shooting at 530 on average and I hope that it will improve.
Yesterday I went to the outdoor shooting range after a long time to try out a miniature. What was my surprise at the day-to-day training of the air rifle, which improved the result even in the smallbore rifle.
Jiří Michalčák


MK 300 lamino /Stock MK 200 beech

We have modernized the MK 300 PCP rifles for all models including the left and right versions. Also for CO2 rifle MK 200 beech incl. left and right versions. Stocks are based on the same conceptual philosophy.


We focused on the pistol handgrip ergonomics, where we took advantage of the practical experience of the MK 8 pistol. This change allows a comfortable and controlled grip at the same time for shooters with a smaller or bigger palm and is tailored to significantly strengthen the entire stock over the previous models.



Example of pressure regulator function MK 8 and MK 300

Bonus for our customers

As a bonus for our customers who come to take over their weapons (goods) at the headquarters of the company, we provide a free sales service in which we arrange your weapon directly according to your requirements and our best knowledge and experience.

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