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The production program TAU BRNO CZ, lnc., includes the production of firearms and their parts in which the propellant is a compressed gas, usually CO2 and air. The weapons are prepared in many variants and are designed for performance, training shooting according to ISSF rules. For their user-friendly features, they are also a suitable option for training basic shooter habits for begining shooters.

Weapons have adjustable characteristics of the firing and trigger mechanism, micrometer adjustable sights and adjustable weapon holding elements (stock, handle), adjustable position of the center of gravity (balance).

Each product model is distinguished by the length of the barrel, the shape, the size and material of the stock or handle, the sights used, the caliber (4.5 mm or 5.5 mm), the size of the balancing elements, the overall dimensions and weights, or the accessories according to their inclusion in the sport discipline and category.


A little bit history of the pistol TAU 7

Notice for our customers:

Prices in EURO are calculated according to the current Czech National Bank rate.

We caution our customers that it is inappropriate to use 7g CO2 bombs that contain large amounts of corrosive impurities and can cause leakage of new weapons (TAU 5,6,7, TAU 200 and MK 200)! Such a damaged weapon may not be subject of warranty service! The cost of repairing this degraded weapon is min. 500,-CZK for service + price of spare parts.

At 31.12. 2017, we ended the dispatching of spare parts for models of TAU 4, 5, 6 and 7 model Standard, which were manufactured before 1996. For weapons manufactured before that date by Aeron Brno s.r.o., the interchangeability of individual parts can not be guaranteed. The service of these weapons is provided exclusively at the headquarters of our company. Please send the weapon for repair by prior telephone agreement.

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