The diabolo is optimized for use in TAU BRNO CZ barrels (cal. 4,50mm, weight:0,535g).
310,00 Kč
Price excluding VAT:256,20 Kč
Price including VAT:310,00 Kč
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This is a Diabolo type shotgun that is optimized for the geometry and tolerance of the main borehole used by TAU BRNO CZ's products. It is characterized by high precision of production, which is due to special slow-pressing technology. The use of special alloys and special legs ensures that the shotgun has optimal friction properties in the barrel bore, and excellent mold engagement in production, which guarantees 100% compliance with the chosen shape and dimensions. The bullet weight is 0.535 g, the callibre is 4.50 mm. The position of the center of gravity of the projectile is chosen such that when leaving the mouth, the bullet will not cause excessive flare, which results in overall less scattering of the impact.The shape of the Diabolo missile head ensures good cutting of the target material over a wide range of impact speeds, which is important for proper intervention evaluation. The shape of the projectile shield ensures the necessary guidance and optimal sealing of the bullet in the barrel bore. The chosen bullet material guarantees good sliding properties of the bullet in the barrel bore and has a major impact on the wear of the barrel or its overall lifetime, thus guaranteeing constant minimum scattering and high sporting performance.





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